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Lukrom is a real estate investment company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Our leadership team has experience across multiple property types ranging from single-family residential to multifamily, office, retail, industrial, and ground up development. We specialize in the private lending industry and have a private investment offering available to accredited investors.

private investment offering available


At Lukrom we believe you can “do well by doing good.” Incorporating this philosophy into our approach to business leads to daily activities that benefit our investors, our borrowers, our team, and the communities we serve.


Our mission is to grow and nurture a high performing team that provides reliable and efficient financing solutions to the real estate community while delivering competitive returns to our investors.

Core Values

The team at Lukrom believes in the following Core Values and strives to incorporate them daily in our personal and professional lives.


We all have unique viewpoints, talents, and experiences we can bring to bear. Through authentic conversation and an open & equal playing field, the best ideas will reveal themselves.


Every living thing on this planet is deeply connected in ways we cannot comprehend. By respecting each other, we honor ourselves, our family, our community, and treat those people in the manner we wish to be treated.

Win-Win-Win Outcomes

We firmly believe that outcomes are defined by those playing the game. With that in mind, we endeavor to pursue outcomes that will benefit all parties involved (Investors/Borrowers/Lukrom) in the coveted and attainable triple win outcome.

Cheering & Acknowledgement

We are rooting for one another, our borrowers, and the world at large. By cheering and acknowledging our accomplishments we seek to give recognition to those people doing good in our company and the world.

Radical Honesty & Truth-Telling

Understanding we all have different perspectives on the “objective” truth, radical honesty and truth telling invites us to share those truths so we can have a deeper understanding of our relative truths.


Using our Core Values and a process of “Carefrontation” as a means to hold ourselves and one another accountable professionally and personally allows us to achieve great things.

Competency & Learning

We are dedicated to providing value to the real estate community. We will achieve this by being lifelong learners and having strong competency in our areas of expertise.

Giving Back

We desire to make our community a better place in a variety of ways so we are pledging to donate 10% of our profits to causes that will directly impact our community.


With a strong mix of real estate veterans and innovative young talent, Lukrom has strong connections throughout the community. We are dedicated professionals here to help you meet your real estate investment goals.

Thomas McPherson

CEO & Advisory Board Member

Matt Campbell

COO & Advisory Board Member

Mitch Pfingsten

Director of Investor Relations

Mike Susi

Director of Lending

Joe Morgan

Director of IT, Logistics, & Admin

Advisory Board

Providing 150+ Years of Real Estate & Investing Expertise

With experience comes wisdom that can be used to guide the next generation of entrepreneurs and effectuate change for good. The Lukrom Advisory Board has a collective $10 billion in transactional volume across 50,000+ loans, 10,000+ multifamily dwellings, and millions of square feet of commercial real estate. This incredible level of sophistication is channeled to hold the executive team accountable and ensure the pledge of donating 10% is maximized by helping to select charities that are doing the most good in our community.

Tim Sprague

Advisory Board Member

Scott Gould

Advisory Board Member

Jeff Seaman

Advisory Board Member

Brad Harper

Advisory Board Member


Interested in working at Lukrom? We are always looking for talented people seeking to make a positive impact in our community. Contact Us to discuss current career opportunities at Lukrom.

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